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Massager To Reduce Wrinkles And Dark Circles

Massager To Reduce Wrinkles And Dark Circles

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Product Description


Item Type: EMS Eye Massager

Color: White

Material: ABS

Working Voltage:3.7V

Charging Voltage:5V


Charging Time:5 Hours



Product Include

1*Eye Massage Pen





  1. Made of top-quality ABS material, odorless, durable and environment friendly.
  2. EMS technology is a strong muscle stimulation technology, through the stimulation of electric current muscle movement to achieve the effect of tight lifting.
  3. Photon therapy: 3 kinds of LED light for solving different skin problems.
  4. 43℃ hot compress, rapid introduction, improve skin absorption ability.
  5. Portable handled devices, suitable for home use or other occasions.
  6. Application on eyes, face, neck etc.


  1. The effect of light on the skin

(1)Red light: It will stimulate the flow of blood,  accelerate blood circulation, enhance the vitality of human cells, improve metabolism, promote collagen fiber synthesis, increase skin elasticity and luster.

(2)Blue light: It can inhibit oil secretion, prevent, and dilute scar effect.

(3)Yellow light: Effectively dilute the skin red mark, erythema, relieve redness, pigment redness, etc.

  1. Helps fade facial lines, helps fade facial lines, improve skin condition and rejuvenate skin.
  2. Deep hydrating and moisturizing, whitening skin and removing wrinkles.

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