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Moringa Oil

Moringa Oil

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Russell Organics Moringa Oil is harvested from the seeds of the Moringa Tree. The Moringa Oil, also known as Ben Oil (due to its high content of Behenic Acid), has been used for a variety of purposes through history dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. The primary use today is cosmetic application. The oil is harvested from the seed pod of the Moringa Tree. The pod is long and skinny, containing several seeds. These seeds are cold-pressed and the oil is then filtered. There are several species of Moringa Tree globally, but only the Moringa Oleifera genus is known as Ben Oil. Moringa Oil has excellent anti-aging properties: Rejuvenates tired, dull, dry skin. Rich in antioxidants, the oil helps fight free radical damage. Moringa Oil contains cytokinins which helps promote cell growth. Vitamin C maintains collagen and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Moringa Oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Behenic Acid is outstanding for skin care as it is known to smooth the skin. It also deeply conditions the hair. We manufacture each Russell Organics product to the highest high ethical standards. We are Certified Cruelty Free and Certified Vegan as a skin care brand. That means no testing on animals and no animal derived ingredients. Not even beeswax. The Russell Organics Moringa Oil is appropriate for all skin types. Size: 2 fl oz | 60 ml

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